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Clinical Counselling

Clinical Counselling benefits everyone in all different situations in life. Sometimes, people wait until they are in a state of crisis before reaching out. Ideally, seeking out counselling before you reach a point of crisis can sometimes diffuse that crisis and arm you with strategies and skills you can set into motion to propel you forward into a more positive way of being. 

Each counsellor is unique, as is your rapport with them. It is this rapport that facilitates the trust, sharing, and exploring that goes on in counselling. It offers a space that is all yours for the duration of the appointment. It offers a space that is safe, a space where you will not be judged. At Cariad Wellness, Kate looks for each individual's strengths and successes to reinforce, while helping to navigate different strategies that can support you through challenges.

Kate is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) registered with the BCACC. In her former life, she has worked in office management, education, and childcare. She is neurodivergent and finds that the strengths associated with her neurodiversity help her to meet her clients where they are at. 


Areas of focus:

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Relationship Challenges

* Grief & Loss

* Difficulties with self-esteem

* Disordered Eating

* Stress Management

* Boundaries

* Relationship Abuse

* Pregnancy

* Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

* Adult ADHD

* EMDR Trained

* Other issues...

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