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12 Week Health Focused Intentional Weight Loss

This program's goal is to help support weight loss through the focus of health - gut health, hormone health, and mental health. This is not a restrictive and prescriptive diet. the focus is on nutrient dense foods that support & nourish your body.

Included in the program...

If you want to lose weight and don't want to "diet"

In this program you can expect:

*no rules

*no calorie counting

* no "points"

* no products

* no guaranteed amounts of weight loss - each body is different this is not a "quick fix" program

* You can track your intake if you find it helpful (using the resources provided), or if that leads to unhealthy behaviours, then don' track

* Focus on how you feel rather than using the scales as a measure of success

* Remember that life happens and there will be days when you don't focus on nutrition, and that is ok - make an agreement with yourself that you will not shame or judge yourself for this

*acknowledgement that body size does not dictate self worth and value - we can be happy/unhappy at any shape and size

* This program focuses on health, and sometimes that might mean addressing mental health as well

*no attaching morality to foods - food is food

* Access to a Nutrition Consultant within the community who can support your process

Sara A

"I love all the recipes and find that I eat more plant-based nowadays because of it"

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